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First published on 18th March 2020 and updated on 5th May 2020

As you are aware, we are experiencing an exceptional health crisis situation due to the COVID-19. Many travel restrictions have been announced by different governments in the past few days.

Our first priority is to deal with all groups travelling between the 13/03/2020 and the 01/06/2020. It’s obvious that these groups have been unable to travel or will not be able to travel in the next few weeks.

All of the concerned groups are invited to postpone their stay by sending an email to: reschedule@maximise.co.uk ; only postponement requests will be processed via this email address.

By taking into account a situation which is by definition evolving rapidly, we need to react as quickly as possible. We have close contact with our local partners to make the necessary decisions to postpone a stay due to the closure of the borders or due to health recommendations.

Following the amendment to the law which took effect on the 25th March please take note of the latest updates concerning the stays which have been cancelled because of the Covid19 pandemic.

As many of our clients have pointed out, the Code du Tourisme stipulates that:

Article L211-14 du Code du Tourisme: "The consumer has the right to cancel the contract before the beginning of the voyage or holiday without occurring any cancellation charges if, exceptional and unavoidable circumstances at, or in proximity, to the destination, have an important impact on the fulfilment of the contract, or on the transportation of passengers to their destination. In this case the consumer is entitled to a full reimbursement of any money paid but there will be no additional compensation.

On 25th March 2020 the French government signed a ruling in respect of the financial terms if certain travel contracts are cancelled because of exceptional and unavoidable circumstances or force majeure

This ruling allows the French Government to modify “ the obligations of professional bodies [...] and concerns in particular the sale of travel and holiday contracts mentioned in sections II and III of article L.211-14 in the code of tourism which take effect from 1st March 2020…”

" The present ruling modifies the obligations of professional bodies enabling them to offer their clients, for a strictly defined period, and within a certain time limit, a reimbursement in the form of the proposal of an identical contract, or the equivalent, in the form of a credit note valid over a long period of time, (18 months) with the aim of maintaining support for businesses whilst respecting consumer rights. This will give the tour operators some financial stability.”

This means that all the bookings that were made through Crazy-Voyages, or one of its partners, concerning travel and stays which were cancelled from 13 March onwards, can be reimbursed in the form of a credit note which can be used for an identical or equivalent stay. Here are some examples of possible case scenarios, and the answers to the many questions that we have been asked during the last two weeks:

1. My trip should have taken place between 13th March and 1st June 2020 and has been cancelled by Crazy-Voyages or one of its partners :

In accordance with the ruling published by the French government on 25th March you can obtain a reimbursement by credit note valid for eighteen months to be exchanged for an identical or equivalent product within that time limit. You will be informed of the value of the credit note by email within 30 days by Crazy-Voyages. The credit note will be nominative and numbered and is valid for the same destination and type of stay for the group who made the original booking. Once you have received the credit note you can contact our team at Crazy-Voyages to reschedule your stay. In order to do this please send an email with the credit note to: reschedule@maximise.co.uk.

You have three months to do this which will give you plenty of time to contact the other members of your group.

2. My trip is scheduled after the 2nd June 2020 but I wish to cancel now :

At present all the bookings up until the 1st June have been cancelled by Crazy-Voyages or its partners. For the time being trips that were scheduled after that date are maintained. However, the situation is very uncertain, and it is possible that the restrictions on travel will last longer meaning that the trips booked for the end of June/beginning of July will also be cancelled. If this is the case, you will be contacted by Crazy-Voyages by email and be given a credit note corresponding to the amount that you have paid. Please be patient, we are doing the best we can to adapt to a rapidly changing situation. Please note: if you decide to cancel your trip our General Terms and Conditions will apply (please see article 9 concerning cancellations).

3. Some of the group members cannot agree on a date for rescheduling the trip :

The price has been calculated based on the number of participants, and a change in the number will affect the price per person. Some of the products have a fixed rate (limousines, minibuses, photographer, exclusive use of a spa, or a boat etc) and of course there is the bridegroom’s share which is normally divided amongst the other participants. So, if the number of participants drops this will most likely mean an increase in the price per person. Please keep that in mind. If it is not possible to keep to the original numbers Crazy-Voyages will reschedule the trip for those members of the group who can still participate (but there could be an extra charge par person), whilst the non-participating members of the group will still benefit from a credit note valid for 18 months. 

4. We have only paid a deposit :

You are contractually bound to pay the full cost of your stay and if you do not our General Terms and Conditions will apply, and the booking will be automatically cancelled. However, during this period of uncertainty we have decided to introduce a certain amount of flexibility for payments. Payments that would normally be due six weeks before departure can now be paid up to two weeks before the departure date. This means that customers who have booked trips for the period mid-June to mid-July can wait and hope that by that time restrictions will have been lifted and it will be safe to travel.

If full payment has not been received two weeks prior to the booking date and the trip is on schedule (has not been cancelled due to travel or health restrictions) our General Terms and Conditions will apply and the booking will be automatically cancelled with no refund. If two weeks before your departure date the health crises is still on going and it is impossible to travel the booking will be cancelled by Crazy-Voyages and a credit note will be issued, valid for travel within 18 months.


5. The flight that we have chosen for our rescheduled trip is not yet, or no longer available, or if it is available it is more expensive than the original flight :

The ruling made by the Government stipulates that we must offer our customers a replacement trip which is identical or equivalent to the one previously booked with no increase in cost. However, if your package includes a plane ticket for a route that no longer exists (the airline has ceased activity, the flight no longer operates) or the replacement date chosen by your group generates a big increase in price – notably if you were due to fly in March and now you want to travel in May when tickets are more expensive – this could be a problem. What we propose to do is offer you another destination that comes within the value of your credit note. If you prefer maintaining your trip to the original destination, then you have the option of paying the difference in price for the flights. 

6. What do you mean by identical or equivalent product ?

This means that you can use your credit note to postpone your trip to a later date and keep the same destination, accommodation, activities, and if possible, the same flights, as long as there is availability for your chosen dates. If, as illustrated in point 5, your flights are no longer available, or there has been a huge increase in price due to high demand, we could, exceptionally, permit you to use your credit note for another destination.

It is very important for us to continue to support our partners who are relying on our custom for financial support for themselves and their employees. Crazy-Voyages has already paid for reservations made with them in March and April which had to be cancelled and we have allowed them to keep the money with the promise that they will honour our customers’ reservations once the health crisis is over. Any changes to the destination or activities already booked and paid for will put us and our partners, mainly small businesses, in a very delicate situation. This is why we would prefer you to keep to your original reservation destination and programme.

7. Is the credit note nominatif ?

Yes, the credit note is nominative and numbered. It is eligible to be used by you for the same destination as your original booking

8. Is my money safe with Crazy-Voyages ?

Yes, your money is safe with us. The travel industry has been hit vary hard by this unprecedented health crisis. For the past ten years here at Crazy-Voyages we have built up excellent working relationships with our partners, and with the help offered by the French government we are confident that we are strong enough to get through this, and that we will be in a position to offer you same quality of service so that you can use your credit note in the next eighteen months to complete your trip.


9. Is it possible to reach you by telephone ?

We are working with skeleton staff at the moment but our « survival team » who are working from home, remain available to answer your questions from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. However, they are very busy which is why we prefer you to contact us at: reschedule@maximise.co.uk if you want reschedule your trip. Please quote your credit note number and state clearly your new preferred dates, and any changes to the original booking.

We are of course aware that a lot of weddings are coming up soon, so people are unable to postpone. Unfortunately, with the current circumstances this is the best option to save your booking, perhaps it can be an after-wedding party or a girls/lads weekend away.

All the sectors are facing an unprecedented crisis. Sporting events are postponed. Trade fairs too. The important thing at the moment is to stay home and postpone everything that is not vital. We are aware of the inconvenience this may cause you, but we sincerely think that a good weekend between friends at the end of the year, when everything will be back to normal, will not hurt anyone, on the contrary.

Unfortunately, for the last few days, you may have noticed that our staff have been difficult to reach due to being inundated with customers queries and amendments. We apologise for the situation and we sincerely thank you for your understanding. We assure you that your booking query will be processed and as previously mentioned we have to prioritise the closest departure dates. All enquiries to reschedule the stays have to be sent to reschedule@maximise.co.uk and they will be processed within a few working days.

We can assure you that all of our teams are working to resolve the situation, and everyone is fully involved to support you in the best possible way. In this period, we understand and share your concerns, and questions, and we stand by you. We will be there as well to help you in planning your next trip in the best possible conditions.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Alexandre and Aurélien

Co-founders of Crazy-Voyages